14 April 2015

The DMX library DMXSerial for Arduino is now available using the Arduino Library Manager

From now on it’s easy to install and update the library by using the Library Manager in the Arduino environment including including 3 sample applications for sending and receiving DMX messages.

I used several of the beta versions and also the final to test compatibility of my DMXSerial library.

By using the Library Manager you can always download the latest stable version that is tagged with the version number directly in my github repository.

You can find that repository directly at:

If you haven’t already done so, please download the new Arduino environment version 1.6.3 or later from the Arduino web site www.arduino.cc.


If you like the latest version including work in progress please use the download from github directly by using a git or subversion client. If you like to contribute I like to see your attributions based on this version.