18 September 2013

Update for DMXSerial2 the DMX RDM library for Arduino

IT’s some months ago since I released the first version of DMXSerial2. Now there is an update with some fixes and some more complete functionality.

First of all thanks to Simon Newton who shared the link to a copy of the RDM standard E1.20. A download is available at http://tsp.plasa.org/freestandards. “Now there are no more excuses for not complying with the standard” – he writes and I will try to do so.

In the update you can the following additions:

  • The serial port definitions now also support Arduino MEGA 2560 (port 0 and 1) and Arduino Leonardo (port 1) boards.
  • I registered my own manufacurer id, now #0987 for mathertel.de.
  • There is a functionality that creates random device ids in the code. If a board once has started to work the device id will be stored into the eeprom and will remain there even when new software is uploaded.
  • I added the required RDM parameters SOFTWARE_VERSION_LABEL and SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS to comply with the standard.
  • Finally I removed some DMX-only specific code and did some simplifications and memory optimizations.
  • The initialization data for the library is now combined into a new structure.

It was an easy job to register a manufacturer id to myself as explained on http://tsp.plasa.org/tsp/working_groups/CP/mfctrIDs.php. Feel free to use my manufacturer id yourself if you promise only to use it for experiments and never to put a real device that leaves your hands.
If you plan for more please request your own manufacturer id and adjust the _devID definition to use it.

You can find the new version of the library now on http://www.mathertel.de/Arduino/DMXSerial2.aspx.

I will update the text of this site in the next days.